How to Transfer BTC to ETH in Coinbase?

Got puzzled with the secure transactions? It is no wonder, as there are many services that do not inspire confidence. Switchere is a trusted website where you may easily access the lowest rates and instant transactions using BTC to ETH in coinbase converter. Check how to start.

The Best BTC to ETH Online Exchange

To start swapping BTC to ETH, go to, and find the brief instructions on what you should expect. First off, you should register and pass the onboarding or ID verification process. To avoid laundering or any fraud activity, the exchange allows making transactions to only verified clients. To facilitate the registration process, you may sign up through your Facebook and Google accounts.

The service accepts credit card, debit, or prepaid one including Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro as well as you may use your local bank account for the transactions.

After acknowledging all the information, use a calculator to see what you will get, and share some details of your wallet. The converter will show you the amount you get with no hidden fees or suspicious commissions. Once you agree upon the amount, proceed with the converting, and receive your USD amounts or crypto via a credit card instantly.

Note, there are some spending limits if you use Asian fiat currencies, please do check them on their FAQ page.

BTC to ETH Converter: Easiest Platform to Get Bonuses Alongside Money

Unlike other websites where clients waste money on hidden fees, Switchere is the place that offers a transparent system of bonuses and the amounts clients pay for ONLY. First of all, with the help of their longtime partner, Crystal Blockchain Analytics, you may rest assured knowing that your transaction is secure and instant. Besides, the partner guarantees that the platform is deprived of laundering money events. They care about users and help them earn more with them.

2020 Bonuses for all the clients:

  • Exceptionally non-custodial service. Money is sent to your personal wallet, and you withdraw your dollar, euro anytime you want, and fast. The platform does not store anything;
  • Licensed party. Many crypto services cannot boast trust from clients, while Switchere site is gaining more and more popularity by being a licensed virtual wallet provider;
  • Affiliate programs. Every person may attract his people to join the service, and one may earn up to 55% of the service fee from the referrals’ exchanges, and up to 5% from the referral’s referrals exchanges;
  • Cashback program. This is a feature that is not available with other platforms. The more you convert and buy, the more you get with no hidden fees. Earn up to 1% cashback with BTC to ETH exchanges and enlarge your profit;
  • Transactions at lightning speed. The converter and exchange allow one to see actions instantly. Do not wait for the next day to see your money.

Finally, if you are not sure about the way of how BTC to ETH converting works, Switchere is always there to guide you through all the nuances for free.

Convert BTC to ETH Anonymously and Quick

The platform has strict policies and procedures that do never violate someone’s privacy. All the submitted documents and transaction history are invisible to others’ eyes. Note, depending on the verification level you may need to send more details about your persona to enlarge the maximum purchase limit, however, this information is confidential as well.

In case you want to access the max.purchase limit of $8,500, ID verification is enough. $17,500 max.purchase limit will require you to confirm your address, while the unlimited purchase limits are accessible after verifying the source of income.

If you have any misunderstanding of the registration method, exchange operations, and processes, you may find all the answers at the Switchere FAQ page. Otherwise, find the blog which deals with the most common cases, and tutorials for buying BTC to ETH, EST, etc.

Want to start? Check their easy calculator on the main page, indicate the amount, and see how much you will get. It is free without registration. All the users who just start acknowledging the service may get first order at a 0% service fee.