Marketing Your Business During a Global Pandemic: Is Social Media Your Friend or Foe?

The covid19 pandemic has hit the business industry hard, making it even tough to market your business. Many business owners are left wondering how they can market their businesses amidst a global pandemic when everything has stood still. Drastic times call for drastic actions, and a lot of business owners are adjusting their marketing strategies to align with the new norm of life. With all the social distancing and movement restrictions, devising a new way to connect with your customers is essential.

One way of doing that is by leveraging the power of social media to benefit your business. Social media use has grown during the pandemic as people are using it to stay connected, consume the latest news, and be entertained. However, just because the use of social media has increased doesn’t mean that it is business as usual as we are in the middle of a severe pandemic. So, how should you be using social media for the sake of your business in the covid19 season?

Navigating Social Media Amidst Covid19

According to Ariel Pfeffer, the CEO of Prospekta Global Marketing company, you cannot afford to stop marketing your business, including posting on social media.  Your audience is spending more time on social media than before, which presents a perfect opportunity to grow your relationship with them. However, you can’t be running a business as usual during a pandemic lest you will come off as an insensitive business owner. But you can undoubtedly connect with your customers by sympathizing with them during these challenging times and even offering discounts where possible. Below are some guiding principles you can use to tailor your business posts during this covid19 season.

Listen and Acknowledge

Do not pretend like everything is normal as your customers are facing tough times during the pandemic. Your social media posts should indicate that you are attentive and acknowledging the new norm. A simple sentence such as ” I recognize that it feels odd to promote a business right now, but for the sake of providing for my employees…” sounds simple but brings out the human factor in the whole business context.

Keep Posting

Now that many people are spending more time on social media, it’s time to build brand awareness. Let more people know of your business by being consistent with your posts. If you find it hard to market your business now, create content that aligns with your business values. Acknowledge the pandemic and expound on your efforts to provide solutions in dealing with its challenges.

Your Posts Should Be Empathetic.

Ensure you think twice before posting memes that may come off as offensive to your audience. Everyone is going through a challenging time during covid19, so you should be compassionate and empathetic with your followers regardless of whether you know what they have gone through.

Engage More

Rather than driving traffic, focus on engaging more with your audience. For instance, instead of continually asking your followers to swipe up and see the link, provide exciting videos, posts, and captions that help you connect more with them. With the right connections in place, it will be easy to drive traffic post the pandemic.

The Bottom Line

No one tells you how to market your business during a pandemic, but you can always learn. Since everyone is facing a challenging time, make social media your friend and use it to connect more to your audience through compassionate posts that align with your business values.