Popular Religious Stories Of Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated since ancient times according to Hindu mythology. Therefore, there are various stories of Raksha Bandhan celebration in religious scriptures as well as historical records. Not only the stories based on Rakhsha Bandhan are interesting, but they also encourage sisters and brothers to stand with each other in time of need. You can send Rakhi online to your sibling as well.

It is also believed that listening to these religious stories of Raksha Bandhan celebration strengthens the bond you share with your siblings. Here, we are listing the famous stories from scriptures wherein Raksha Bandhan was celebrated.

Story of Krishna and Draupadi

One of the most popular stories about Raksha Bandhan is related to Draupadi and Lord Krishna. According to Hindu scriptures, when Krishna cut the head of Shishupal, who was his long term enemy, his finger started bleeding.

Draupadi rushed and put a bandage on the wound on Krishna’s finger with a cloth piece from her saree. Krishna told her that he is now indebted to Draupadi, and will return her favour whenever she needs his help. In the epic story of Mahabharata, when Draupadi’s disrobement took place, Krishna protected her. She did not run out of cloth and the Kauravas were unable to disrobe her.

Yama and Yamuna

Another story is about Yama – the Demigod of Death and Yamuna – sister of Yama, a Goddess. Yamuna was upset because Yama had not visited and met her for twelve years. She asked Ganga to help, and she told Yama to visit and meet his sister Yamuna.

In the joy of arrival of her brother, Yamuna prepared a grand feast. Yama was overjoyed on meeting her sister and asked her what gift she would like to receive. Yamuna wished that Yama would meet her more often. Touched by her words, Yama blessed her with immortality so that he can visit her as many times as he wanted. You can deliver Rakhi gifts in Ahmedabad to your sibling through online services.

Bali and Laxmi

Raksha Bandhan

Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu was living in the kingdom of King Bali as he had promised to protect his kingdom. Whereas, Goddess Laxshmi wanted Vishnu Ji to return to her. Therefore, she went to the kingdom of Bali and tied a Rakhi around his wrist. King Bali asked her the gift she would like o to have. She asked Bali to let her husband go back home.

Indra and Indrani

There is a popular story that Lord Indra once had difficulty defeating his enemies. According to some scriptures wife of Indra – Sachi tied a sacred thread to Indra. However, some say the sister of Indra – Indrani tied a Rakhi around his wrist and he attained victory. You can also send Rakhi online to your adorable siblings.

Subha, Labha and Santoshi

Once Subha and Labha – sons of Lord Ganesha saw him celebrating Raksha Bandhan with his sister. They asked Ganesha to let them a sister. He denied, but Saint Narad suggested him to have a daughter. He said that having a daughter would bring enrichment and joy in the life of Ganesha and his family.

Ganesha agreed and had a daughter. Her daughter was named Santoshi. Santoshi is known as the Goddess of satisfaction. She and the sons of Ganesha had an amazing relationship as siblings.

All these stories are known to make the bonds between sisters and brothers stronger. Sending Rakhi to your sibling is a great way to express gratitude. You can also use online services for Rakhi Gifts Delivery in Ahmedabad.